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Our Culture

RSP is a collective of like-minded individuals who are passionate about creativity and are known for delivering great work. What’s more, we like to have a bit of fun! Whether it be Friday night drinks, a bit of cosplay in the office, celebrating at the cinema, or heading out for a night on the town to one of the many festivals in our beautiful city.

We strive to create a space for our culture to thrive, with a happy, productive team who understand the importance of culture and community. We love to spend time with our family and friends and strive for sustainable work practices. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, because we do; but we do so, within a defined set of expectations, especially in an industry that can often be unpredictable. We have an open, honest, transparent workplace with personable and approachable staff.

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We listen. We are one team.
We deliver great work.
We believe in people first.
We strive for a happy, loyal workforce.
We have a better different way of working in visual effects.


Rising Sun Pictures…

The work that RSP produces is highly creative and technical which requires a team that embodies those traits. RSP’s work is world class; our team are partners on this journey in creating the very best work for our clients. We love to celebrate our success together, particularly at crew screenings, applauding each, and every, memorable moment on the big screen.

Working at
Rising Sun Pictures

Since its inception, RSP has invested in its people. We believe in the importance of providing stability, development and career pathways, which has meant retaining a diverse core of professionals who have the ability to solve creative and technical problems together. Our culture is also welcoming to those coming on board and we encourage people to ask questions, get involved, build and invest in relationships and to help those around them succeed.

We are also passionate about building the next generation of VFX professionals. Through our study programs and partnership with the University of South Australia, 
we train VFX artists to be job ready and provide entry level opportunities. This also enables our staff to mentor graduates and junior members, paying it forward.

RSP is inclusive and we value each and every employee and the uniqueness 
that they bring.


Rising Sun Pictures welcomes the recent implementation of gender pay gap reporting in Australia and supports the goals it seeks to achieve. Our first gender pay gap statement reveals the insights from our preliminary assessment. As we move forward, we regard the gender pay gap not just as a figure but as a crucial indicator of inclusivity. We are committed to transparently disclosing our findings, setting a benchmark for responsibility, and tracking our advancement in this area.

Our dedication to closing any gaps in gender pay is unwavering, as we aim for continuous progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion. By examining the root causes of any existing pay disparities, we position ourselves to devise and enact effective measures to address them.